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Gerrans Parish - The Coastal Edge

The 2019 exhibition includes more than 250 historic and modern photographs, illustrating the many coves, beaches and rocky inlets of Gerrans Bay. The exhibition also shows how the sea has affected the coastline of Gerrans Bay from St Anthony to Rocky Lane, Pendower and the dwellings nearby over the past 150 years.

Welcome Board
Welcome to the 2019 Exhibition. A map shows the extent of the Coastal Edge with pictures of several areas - Rosevine, the Wreck post at Towan and seine netting.
This display shows the importance to the area of the Porth with details of the 3 Harbourmasters over the past 71 years. Coastguards have been present since 1820 and their homes at Admiralty terrace are pictured and the Rocket house. Also the wrecks of the Carl Hirschburg and Gustav.
The Shoreline
The Shoreline contains photographs and descriptions of wildlife around Gerrans Bay, birds - egrets, curlews, oystercatchers and rockpools containing crabs and colourful seaweeds. Also various cliff plants rock samphire and babingtons leek.
Gerrans Bay
Gerrans Bay display is a continuation of Shoreline concentrating on fish - mackerel, bass, plaice and pollock. Birds including gannet, great northern diver. Also grey seals, dolphins and a basking shark.
Panel 5?
This display covers the area between Nare Head and Pednvadan including Curgurrel cove, Creek Stephen point, Morpusses beneath Morvast and the Round House .
Pednavdan Panel
Pednvadan to Rocky lane, Pendower covers the area embracing Whitesands, Porthbean and the Crisson. The National Coast Watch lookout hut above the Mermaid's Chair.
Zone Point
Zone Point with views of Porthbear beach, Killigeran, Andromeda cove and Drakes well. Shipwrecks of Southover Scopia and Andromeda.
Pednavdan Panel
Falmouth to Plymouth chart from the fishing boat Southover Scopia wrecked in 1991. List of shipping in Gerrans Bay in 2018 and wrecks in the Bay and off St Anthony. Details and photographs of the Hidden Hut being moved due to erosion.