Gerrans Parish Heritage & Information Centre
The Old Forge, Gerrans, Cornwall.

Gerrans & Porthscatho Old Cornwall Society 
Indoor meetings held on the second
 Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm
in the Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall, Portscatho.

Annual Subscription £7.50
Non-members welcomed at all meetings
(Admission £2.50)

Programme of Speakers and Outings for the 2018/19 Season
October 10th

Annual General Meeting followed by
History of the RNLI
Dave Nicholl
March 5th
St Piran's Day Celebration
at the Royal Standard, Gerrans
Du Hag Owr and Dew Vardh
November 14th
Music and Song inspired by the beauty of Cornwall
Tir Ha Tavas (Delia and Dave Brotherton)

March 13th
Cornish Mariner, Captain Joseph Banfield
Charlotte Mackenzie

December 12th
Oysters and the River Helford
Don Garman

April 10th
Witchcraft and Folk Magic in Cornwall
Jason Semmens

January 9th
 Country House Fires in Cornwall
Joanna Mattingly
May 8th
Evening Visit - St Anthony in Roseland
February 13th
 Levant Mine Disaster
Rosemary Aitkin
June 12th
Afternoon Pilgrimage - RAF Portreath

August 4th
Celebration of Feast Days of St Gerrans and St Anthony
Gerrans Village Green 3pm to 5pm - Bring your own tea